For the fifth year in a row, BGE recognizes the stars of the ENERGY STAR® New Homes Program. They build homes that save megawatts and money. They inspect and deliver ratings to validate the energy-efficient features of new homes. These homebuilders and home raters are the best of the best—the gold standard in helping our community save energy and money. 

Home of the Year – JT Custom Builders 

Newcomer to the program, JT Custom Builders constructed the most energy-efficient home in the BGE service territory in 2019. Located in Fallston, the winning home saves 15.5 MWh of energy annually compared to a code-built home. Features include high-efficiency 18 and 19 SEER heat pumps, 100% LED lighting and airtightness well below the code maximum. 

Homebuilder Partner of the Year – Lennar Homes 

A homebuilder participant since 2012, Lennar Homes continues to deliver significant energy savings to BGE customers. In 2019, Lennar Homes submitted 528 homes and contributed 867 MWh of energy savings to the New Homes Program—an average of 1.66 MWh energy savings annually per home. 

2019 HERS Rater Partner of the Year – PEG, LLC. 

A HERS Rater participant since 2009, PEG has been a foundational partner of the New Homes Program, providing energy consulting and performance testing for homebuilders across the state. In 2019, PEG submitted 1,509 homes for eight different builders, accounting for over 52% of overall submissions for BGE. These homes contributed 3,602 MWh of energy savings, with an average of 2.4 MWh per home. 

Congratulations to all the winners! And, we’re grateful for all the homebuilders and raters who have made the program’s success possible. We look forward to continued momentum through 2021 and beyond. 

If you’re looking for an ENERGY STAR certified home, contact a participating homebuilder to get started.

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